About Your Hosts

The Skeptical Pervert is brought to you by Franklin Veaux, a part-time mad scientist; Joreth, a kinky, polyamorous Renissance cat; and Eunice Hung, your friendly neighbourhood queer, kinky, solopoly East Asian Brit.


Franklin is a kinky, polyamorous, seasoned veteran pervert. He has multiple partners in multiple long-term relationships, all of whom know about each other and sometimes conspire with each other. 

He’s been a sex educator since the mid-1990s. He’s had a rich and varied sex life—lost his virginity in a threesome, which led to a long-standing fondness for group sex. He’s a professional writer of fiction and nonfiction, both self-published and professionally published, including a series of far-future, post-scarcity science fiction theocratic erotica with Eunice.

He’s a dedicated mad scientist with a fondness for tentacles and holds a patent on a sensor-equipped strap-on dildo that allows the wearer to feel when it’s touched. He designs and makes sex toys, mostly involving tentacles, sometimes involving the xenomorph facehugger from the Alien movie. You can find him at franklinveaux.com.


Joreth was born in 1977 and discovered the word “polyamory” back in 1998 when it suddenly dawned on her that she was terrible at monogamy. She has since become a poly community organizer, a poly activist, a poly advice columnist, a poly movie reviewer, a media trainer and lecturer on polyamory and intersectional topics, and Chairman of Media Acquisitions for the Polyamory Archive Collection at the Kinsey Institute Library. 

Joreth is kinky, one of the original pioneers of solo polyamory, on the asexual spectrum, chicana, feminist, her gender identity is “tomboy”, and her pronouns are she/her but she uses masculine titles.

Joreth spent a number of years in several different higher education institutions studying a bunch of different subjects. She majored in several different disciplines at various times during her long academic career including sociology and human sexuality, and also tends to deliberately take part-time side jobs in industries she has never worked in before just to learn something new.  She is an avid online writer, video engineer and camera operator, outdoorsman, and partner dancer.  A “jack of all trades”, Joreth considers herself something of a Renaissance cat.

For more about who Joreth is, you can visit her website at www.TheInnBetween.net which includes links to her blog and social media pages.


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Eunice Hung is a community organiser, project manager, trainee therapist, author, sex educator, event organiser, personal assistant, podcaster, editor, and whatever else happens to need doing at the time. She may be a little bit of a control freak. She is almost certainly physically incapable of being inactive for too long. Someday she may stop trying to do All The Things simultaneously. (That is a lie.)

She’s a queer, kinky, grey-ace, demisexual, bisexual, solo-polyamorous, British East Asian cis woman who has been involved in running community events since she was a baby queer. She currently helps run the UK Poly Discord server, the London Polyamory Meetup Group, the Poly People Facebook group, Polyday UK, and about a thousand and one other community spaces because who needs sleep anyway?

She loves Science Fiction/Fantasy novels, pop-sci, fanfiction, tabletop gaming, fibrecrafts, partnered dance, and tea parties. She has a teapot collection because she was too allergic to have a cat.

She has a BA Hon in Creative Writing at the University of Leeds, UK, and is currently studying for a Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of East London.

The Cats of the Skeptical Perverts

Franklin is owned by Kyla, an adventurous Tonkinese kitty who adopted him in 2010.

Joreth is owned by Cookie, a feral who decided she was his person and would not take no for an answer.

Eunice is not owned by a cat, so here’s her favorite teapot instead.

Music for the Skeptical Pervert podcast by Luke Stark: