Welcome to the Skeptical Pervert podcast!

We take a rational, skeptical look at many of the beliefs, attitudes, and ideas surrounding sex and human sexuality. The Skeptical Pervert is a fun, entertaining (we hope!) look at the weird, wonderful world of sex, seen through a rational, skeptical, evidence-based eye.

About Us

Joreth and Franklin first thought up the idea for a podcast that looks at human sexuality through a rational, evidence-based lens in late 2009, as a vehicle for bringing some rigor to discussions about sex and sexuality. We’ve talked quite a lot about launching the podcast since then, but we’ve both been busy and life kept getting in the way.

In the grip of a globe-spanning pandemic, we found this idea rattling around in the Box of Many Things that is our shared ‘projects we’d like to do’ list, dusted it off, said “Ooh, you’re shiny!” and started work again. We ran the idea by Eunice, who became involved because she finds it impossible to say ‘no’ to interesting ideas.

Since we now live in a world where critical thinking is less and less common, and people are taking medical advice from Facebook memes written by Russian trolls and soccer moms rather than doctors (and calling that “skepticism”), we thought now is the time!

Our goal is to take a close look at myths, urban legends, “common sense”, and other ideas about sex and see if they’re true, and how we know that they’re true (or not).  We take what’s sometimes derogatively called a “reality-based” approach to questions about sex and relationships and we wanted to share that approach with you!

You can find our sources on the show notes/transcript for each episode.

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