Sex, sex, sex! Wherever you go, everyone is talking about sex. How people have sex, what people do when they have sex, what people ought to be doing while they’re having sex, who should be having sex, who shouldn’t be having sex, when it is OK to have sex…everyone, it seems, has ideas about sex.

And whenever a bunch of people have strong ideas about something, someone somewhere is going to make some sort of claim that is based on false premises or faulty logic.

The Skeptical Pervert is a podcast that applies the tools of reason, skepticism, and intellectual rigor to the strange and messy world of human sexuality. In this podcast, we look at ideas about sex from a skeptical point of view, and ask questions about whether or not these ideas are founded in good, solid understanding. Whether it’s claims about gels that increase women’s arousal or claims about gay marriage leading to goat-fucking, we dissect the debate about sex with the white light of reason, or something like that.

Tune in every month for a new episode of the Skeptical Pervert!

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